Introducing Travb2b: Customize and Boost Your Sales Effortlessly!

Liked our offer? Now, you can easily customize it for your clients and ensure that great offers reach them quickly, without sitting idle in your mailbox. With Travb2b, you can get an exact quote and offer for your clients by simply adding two simple details:

  1. Expected travel dates
  2. Number of passengers (pax)

Experience the convenience of receiving a complete quote in a matter of minutes. Our platform offers amazing features designed to streamline your sales process:

  • Generate Quick Proposals: Create professional proposals with ease and efficiency.
  • Share with Your Clients in Minutes: Send customized offers to your clients promptly, ensuring quick communication.
  • Option to Change Hotels: Tailor the hotel selection based on your clients' preferences.
  • Option to Change Tour Choices: Flexibility to modify the tour options to better suit your clients' needs.

Travb2b works seamlessly on both mobile devices and desktops, allowing you to access and utilize its features anytime, anywhere.

So, how does it work? It's simple:

  1. Get an OTP (One-Time Password): Fill in your registered email id to receive the OTP. If you haven't registered for Travb2b yet, click the provided link to complete the registration process.
  2. Access the Dynamic Quote Builder: Enter the OTP and gain access to our powerful quote builder tool.
  3. Customize the Offer: Personalize the current offer into an exact quote for your client by entering the travel dates and pax details.
  4. Flexibility to Modify: If the itinerary allows for modifications, you can change hotels or select alternative tour options to create a tailored offer.
  5. Locked Itinerary? No problem! If the itinerary is fixed and locked, simply input the travel dates and pax details to receive your quote.
  6. Save and Share: Save your quote and effortlessly share it with your clients.
  7. Make Amendments: If any changes are required, easily amend the quote as needed.
  8. Book Your Final Version: When you're ready, book the final version of the quote and complete the sales process.

Travb2b empowers your travel business by turning great offers into great sales. Reach more customers faster and give your business the competitive edge it deserves.

Ready to take your sales to the next level? Join Travb2b today and revolutionize your sales process. Click here to "Register" / "Sign up" !

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