The most exciting time to be a 'Travel Agent’ is NOW !! Travel Agents have been deeply impacted negatively by the onslaught of technology and digitalisation of travel. No longer can travel agents survive booking merely air tickets or doing hotel bookings. All of this has been gobbled up by the OTAs.

This is the age when men are going to be differentiated from boys in the travel agents space. Travel is growing at break neck speed and also becoming increasingly specialised and differentiated. Travel Agent of yesterday is the travel advisor & consultant of today. This travel advisor is a domain expert, a solutions provider, believes in personalisation and therefore spends most of the time upgrading the knowledge and experience base rather than being immersed in transactions that machines are fast learning the ability to do.

Now is the time and age when technology & digitalisation would be the counter weapon of success for travel agents to take on the OTAs. TravB2B’s technology plays the equaliser in helping Travel Agents achieve scalability and automation in comparison to OTAs. The silver bullet that TravB2B loads a travel agent with giving the ability to personalise, while not compromising the scalability.

Adopt TravB2B and be the new age travel advisor that gives a personalised travel solution to its clients. Use TravB2B to Plan to suit to your clients , Quote in minutes , do live Reservations and ensure best of ground Services that turn customers into repeat clients.

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